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Friends – Be Sure you Cherish them. :)


Finding new friends is like discovering gold, and or finding a diamond.  Something that is rare and valuable.  Something that can be cherished and protected.   It is in the unexpected moments in life that, we make these discoveries.  And at times, in a very timely manner.

New Friends

This quote is so very true.  When you find a true kindred spirit, a friend who really listens, who works to understand, who shares in your joys, your fears, your laughter and your tears.  When you make that discovery, it really does bring new energy to your soul.  Actually the BEST feeling ever.   There really are only a handful people in my life that can be called “Friends”.   The Circle around me is very tight.  And prefer it that way.  Only allow people in, who can challenge me, help keep me accountable, who cheer me on, and sometimes, who are just, “There”.

A true friend will  always speak an encouraging word, and at times, is comforting and others, is a great challenge.


Pay attention, there is a friend just around the corner, who’s friendship will fit your personality, just like a glove.   🙂

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Gardening – a New Hobby


This season, I have discovered that I like to Garden and play in the Dirt.  Actually have raised Garden bed that I am working.   The plan is to grow a small harvest for this spring / fall.   We will have strawberries, two types of Tomatoes, Green Peppers, Red Peppers, Zuchinni and Cucumber.   Also, we have an Apple tree that we are hoping will yield this fall.   I am so excited about this.  Weeding out the bed, and prepping the soil and getting the ground ready.   So much fun, and a lot of work.  But know, it will all be worth it in the end.




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Some of the Planes I Flew

Below are some of the planes I flew in SouthEast Alaska.  Based out of Kethikan, Alaska.  These beautiful, Dehavilland Beavers and Otters.   This was during the Radial Engine days.  Will Always cherish those memories and those adventures of flying around God’s Country.  I mean it was incredible.  This was in the Mid 1980’s.  I was just a little puppy pilot back then.   🙂

Pondering and Praying

Just sitting at my desk working.

Pondering a great many things today.   Taking a moment to reflect on my life, and what I have done, where I have been.  And the great many friends that have been there.   The current thought is being thankful for the great “Wise Men” in my life that helped me when it felt like my world fell apart.  They encouraged me, spoke into my life and were there for me when I just needed to vent and talk.  Ken, Larry, Mark L.  Mark N, Art, Jim.  For you see, they have been down many trails in life and were able to help me to get back on my trail.   Jim was tough on me, and will always appreciate that.   A part of me believes that I am where I am today, because of these men.   “Thank You Guys”.

Also missing my boys.  That is a daily thing for me.  I harbor in my heart the memories and shadow of memories of my kids when they were young, playing in the back yard, laughing, pretending, having fun.   And yes, evening crying, as they were learning how to share Leadership roles.  Now, they are all grown young men.  And I miss them dearly.  They all live in Southern California.  They are great young men and am proud of each of them.  One day, it is my hope they will talk with me again.  My Son Michael is talking to me and for that am eternally happy.  I pray everyday for them and for their safety and for the decisions they are making as they walk down their own trails of life.  I am here for them should they ever want to  talk to me.

Yes, pondering and praying today.

Flight School

Back in the Late 80’s, my journey to becoming an Aviator began.

Located a small flight school in Northern California, in a small town called, Lakeport, CA.

Lampson Field is where my Journey to becoming a Pilot Began.

aerial photograph Lampson Field, Lakeport, Lake County, California
aerial photograph Lampson Field, Lakeport, Lake County, California

This was the airfield that would be my home for 7 months.  The house I lived in was literally located right on the field.  The Flight School was my neighbor.  Lake County Aviation.  A Small Flight School and flight club.

This is located North of San Franscisco, CA.   One of my flight instructors flew from this field to SFO to pick me up in a Cessna 182.  Cessna 182

She is a pretty little bird.   My day began by taking a seaplane from my hometown to the major local airport to fly out on Western Airlines from Ketchikan to Seattle and then onto SFO.

Western Airlines

Upon arrival, Par’ my first flight instructor was standing at baggage claim with a sign with my name on it.  Introduced myself to discover that he had flown down to pick me up and bring me to the flight school.   My heart was pounding with excitement!  It is beginning.  It was all becoming real to me now.  So we loaded my bags onto the Cessna 182 and we began our flight from SFO to 1O2.  Being in a smaller aircraft at a super busy airport like SFO was a GREAT Way to start my Aviation Adventure.  SFO is a big airport.

SFO Aeriel View

It is a very busy airport.  Constant radio work, multiple arrivals and departures, all happening at a very rapid pace.  Yes, this is the life!  Was excited to learn all about becoming a pilot.

This is an experience that will forever be in my heart.