Through Marriage to my wife Jill, I also have two step sons.  Both are special Needs children.  Both have Type 1 Diabetes and the older of the two also has Non-verbal Autism.   For the oldest, with the Diabetes and the non-verbal Autism, we have a fund raiser in place, as we need to raise anywhere from $15,000 – $22,000 to cover the cost of the service dog.  Specifically trained to help take care of our oldest.

 Tyler Renfro 4 paws Service Dog Project.

Tyler became vaccine injured at 18 months and lost verbal communication skills. He was diagnosed with Autism at age 3 and developed Type 1 Diabetes at age 5. He also suffers from Myoclonic Seizures, Hemiplegic Migraines and ADHD.  Tyler is now 10 years old.

Despite his challenges, our sweet spirited and gentle boy takes on each day with joy and laughter. He loves being around people, playing outdoors, riding his scooter and bike, and is attracted to anything that moves. His favorite place is the beach with its unlimited sand and water, and of course the warmth of the sun.

Please join us in helping provide him with a multipurpose service dog trained to alert with diabetic highs and lows, bring calm and diffuse meltdowns with behavior disruption through kisses, deep pressure, touch and nuzzling, ability to track him when he runs, assist in his socialization, and provide him a sense of security and companionship.

Thank you for reading Tyler’s story and your involvement and contribution and making a difference in Tyler’s life and development!

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