This Weeks Top Stories about Lihue, Kauai!

Now that is a catchy title indeed.

Lihue, Kauai.

Also know as the Garden Island.

Lihue, Kauai

There is so much to do on this little Island.

Has a small Mountain Range:

Kauai Mountains

Has Many Beautiful Beaches:

Kauai Beaches

Has a Major Airport:



Many Hotels and Resorts to choose from:

Hotels and Resorts

We stayed at the Aqua, Kauai Beach Resort.

Kauai Beach Resort 2018

A beautiful Property, with multiple swimming pools.


A great property, right on the ocean.  Had three restaurants on site as well.

Several Lu’aus to choose from.  A recommended one would be, “The Smith Family Lu’au”!

smith-family-luau 2018

excerpt from the family site:

Aloha! Over 50 years ago, Grandpa started our family business in this sacred Wailua River Valley. We created our tropical paradise to celebrate the Hawaiian spirit of aloha that he loved and lived by. Today, four generations of my family continue to honor that tradition with the most famous of Hawaiian celebrations, the luau. Come share the traditions of our island home and become part of our ‘ohana.

Of course, the heart of any luau is the pa‘ina, the feast, and we’ll make sure you don’t go hungry. Kalua pig roasted in the earthen imu oven. Cousin Gary’s secret recipe for teriyaki beef. Ono mahimahi and tasty chicken adobo. Our family bowl of poi (which Grandma insists you try). We’ll even get some of you up on stage to try some hula moves as dinner winds down.

Food may be the heart of a luau, but music is the soul. Our Hawaiian ancestors preserved their history by passing down songs and chants called mele. At our luau, we celebrate these traditions, as well as the songs and dances from other cultures that live in our tropical paradise. The lyrical sway of the Hawaiian hula, the colorful precision of the Tahitian drum dances and the fiery emotion of the Samoan fire knife dance all speak deeply of the people who have come to call Hawaii home. We proudly share this rhythm of aloha with you.

This was truly a fun experience.  To see the passion in the people that put this event together was incredible and very heart felt.  I was moved by the whole thing, to learn of the culture of the beautiful people in the region.

Zip N Dip

Zip N Dip.

Picture is the final ride, known as King Kong!  We were able to have our picture taken, while holding hands, right after jumping off the ledge!

Another fun event that we participated in was zip lining.

We did the Zip N Dip!  A 9 line zip line tour!   Halfway through the adventure, we at lunch in this ravine and got to go swimming in the river, as our lunch was being put together.

Zip Line Tour

Yes, we got to walk over this bridge, that was very high over the stream below, and there was quite a bit of space between each step, and it was a suspension bridge, so the whole rocked and rolled, as you walked over it.  Yes, it was a great adventure.

I would highly recommend this event.

This is the company we chose for this event.

Princeville Ranch

Another great thing to do is head to the South West side of the island.

And go see Waimai Canyon.

88544486 - waipoo falls in waimea canyon, kauai, hawaii.

Absolutely stunning views at this canyon.


Waimea Canyon Lookout

This really is a must see!  It is amazing, beautiful, breathtaking.  Simply awesome!

There really is alot to do on this island.  These are just a few of the highlights we experienced while visiting this region.


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  1. Cool! I’d add…couples massage on the private bungalow, the Olympic (?) cafe (with the giant pancakes, fresh fruit, Kong coffee and Kalua pig), Weddings on the beach with leis, conch shells and Hawaiian blessings! JS! Jill (Renfro) Atkinson


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